How WhatsApp lost one user???

I have one friend who is a frequent user of WhatsApp. He has a girlfriend.Recently WhatsApp developed a new feature that shows the sender if the message sent is read or not (the 2 blue ticks).So now if he doesn’t respond to the message after reading the message then his girlfriend will come to know that he is ignoring her as now she will come to know whether he has read her message in WhatsApp or not.

So he is thinking of stopping using WhatsApp.

I think there is a significant number of WhatsApp users (specifically those who are in relation) who also have thought of this.



How to download Movies available on Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a software to watch movies and TV shows instantly that gives you wide range of movies and TV shows in HD resolution which are released latest. But it gives no way to download the movie from its UI.But there is a trick that enables you to download it.
1. Open Popcorn-Time2. Select the movie you want to watch/download.

3. There is an option where you can select where to play the movie (e.g. Popcorn Time or VLC).

4. Choose VLC and click on watch now.

5. It streams the movie on VLC.

6. Here is the hidden treasure. As you know that VLC shows the URL of the file in the title bar which in this case was an IP with a port no (e.g. This is actually the IP of Localhost i.e. equivalent to http://localhost:54678

7. Now you put the URL in the browser or in any download manager to download it.

Hope you find this useful.