How WhatsApp lost one user???

I have one friend who is a frequent user of WhatsApp. He has a girlfriend.Recently WhatsApp developed a new feature that shows the sender if the message sent is read or not (the 2 blue ticks).So now if he doesn’t respond to the message after reading the message then his girlfriend will come to know that he is ignoring her as now she will come to know whether he has read her message in WhatsApp or not.

So he is thinking of stopping using WhatsApp.

I think there is a significant number of WhatsApp users (specifically those who are in relation) who also have thought of this.



How to pluck an associated model’s attribute in Rails

Say there are 2 models, Teacher and Subject.Association from Teacher to Subject can be has_one or has_manyThe model Subject has an attribute subject_name. So how can you pluck all the subject_name that belongs to at least one teacher?


1. For has_one:


1. For has_many:


The One App You Need To Mention On Your Resume If You Want A Job At Google

Google has more than 50,000 employees right now, and they earn great salaries. Average pay at Google is $141,000. It’s relatively easy to get a job at Google, too. The company is so large and has such a massive need for talent that hiring for Google is something of a headache, so if you have the right skills, Google is really enthusiastic to hear from you.Especially if you know how to use MatLab, a code and data analysis and management tool.

On Thursday night, Google’s former svp/product management Jonathan Rosenberg was in London with chairman Eric Schmidt to promote their new book “How Google Works.” During a Q&A at the University of London, Rosenberg said he once had to give a speech in front of a room full of Rhodes scholars (about 70 people receive the scholarship each year). He offered them all jobs at Google right there on the spot – and even comped their airfare to San Francisco. A few of them actually took up the offer.

The fact that Google is willing to hire an entire room of bright people, sight unseen, tells you how desperately the company needs smart workers.

If, on the off chance, you’re not a Rhodes scholar, Schmidt had some more down-to-earth advice. Google really needs data analytics people and folks who have studied statistics in college, he said.

Big data – how to create it, manipulate it, and put it to good use – is one of those areas in which Google is really enthusiastic about.

And then Rosenberg said something really interesting. If you want to work at Google, make sure you can use MatLab, he said.

We had never heard of MatLab, so we asked Rosenberg afterward what it was. For the uninitiated, MatLab lets developers code and arrange data and algorithms so that results are visual. (Yes, it’s complicated). The key here is that data is produced visually or graphically, rather than in a spreadsheet. Here is an example:




This is a Matlab surface 3-D plot of a two-dimensional unnormalized sinc function (obviously!). We got it from Wikipedia.

The point is that being a master of statistics is probably your best way in to Google right now. Rosenberg told Business Insider after the event: “My quote about statistics that I didn’t use [last night] but often do is, ‘Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it the samurai.'”

You can download Matlab’s various apps and products here.


How to download Movies available on Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a software to watch movies and TV shows instantly that gives you wide range of movies and TV shows in HD resolution which are released latest. But it gives no way to download the movie from its UI.But there is a trick that enables you to download it.
1. Open Popcorn-Time2. Select the movie you want to watch/download.

3. There is an option where you can select where to play the movie (e.g. Popcorn Time or VLC).

4. Choose VLC and click on watch now.

5. It streams the movie on VLC.

6. Here is the hidden treasure. As you know that VLC shows the URL of the file in the title bar which in this case was an IP with a port no (e.g. This is actually the IP of Localhost i.e. equivalent to http://localhost:54678

7. Now you put the URL in the browser or in any download manager to download it.

Hope you find this useful.

How Successful People Deal With Stress

LinkedIn Influencer, Bernard Marr, published this post originally on LinkedIn.

A survey by TalentSmart showed that 90 percent of top performers know how to manage their emotions in times of stress so that they remain cool, calm, and able to do what needs to be done.

That’s an important lesson in and of itself for all of us – because all of us experience stress in our lives. Research has shown that some stress is good for us: it helps us perform at optimal levels. Too much stress, however, can have serious psychological and physiological repercussions.

Since we can’t necessarily avoid most stress – especially in our work environments – it’s to our benefit to learn how to deal with it, and learn from the examples of those who are already successful.

According to surveys and other research, successful people have some strategies in common when it comes to managing stress.

They practice gratitude for what they have.

It may sound a little Oprah to you, but developing a gratitude practice is a psychologically proven way to reduce stress and maintain a more positive outlook on life. When you have a more positive outlook (and less of the stress hormone cortisol) you are happier and more productive, too.

They stay positive.

Easier said than done? Sometimes. But successful people tend to be those who see opportunities for growth masquerading as failure, and who look for the lessons learned when something goes awry, instead of wallowing in what could’ve/should’ve been. Maintaining a positive outlook. It’s a popular and proven stress management tool. If affirmations aren’t exactly your thing, try reframing negative thoughts. If you find yourself dwelling on something negative, try adding, “But what I can learn from this is…” Even just noticing that you’re stuck in a negative thought can help you move away from it.

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They focus on progress, not perfection.

No one is perfect. Not even the most successful people on the planet are perfect – and they would almost certainly tell you the same. Richard Branson, for example, has had some well known failures in his time, yet has always been blunt about his belief that you fail quickly, fail big, learn from it, and move on. Many of us worship the cult of perfection, but letting it go may release us from a heavy burden of undue stress.

They practice self-care.

Successful people often have the presence of mind to realize that they must care for their most important asset – themselves – in order to continue to be successful. They prioritize healthy habits like getting enough sleep, limiting caffeine and alcohol, getting proper exercise, and switching off from technology periodically. Being overly tired, hopped up on chemicals (like caffeine and alcohol) and constantly monitoring our digital lives puts our adrenal glands into overdrive, and our stress levels through the roof. A truly successful person will strive to find balance to help moderate his stress.

They rely on routines.

One major cause of stress is the number of decisions we have to make in a day. Every decision from whether to have the sandwich or the salad all the way up to hiring and firing decisions weighs on us and causes us stress. Relying on simple routines like having the same lunch every day, answering emails at the same time, or even simplifying your wardrobe can help save your stress and sanity for the bigger decisions that really matter. President Obama (who undoubtedly knows a great deal about stress) mentioned this in an interview with Vanity Fair:

“You need to remove from your life the day-to-day problems that absorb most people for meaningful parts of their day… You’ll see I wear only grey or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make. You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can’t be going through the day distracted by trivia.”

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They keep the big picture in view.

Finally, successful people are able to keep the bigger picture in view, rather than focusing on minutiae. This is about focusing more on the “why” behind what you do than the “how.” For example, you might feel yourself getting stressed out about the fact that you have to work out every day for an hour (the how), but if you focus on the reason you want to work out – to be healthy and live longer – you may find the actual task less stressful.

I hope you find these strategies useful. As always, I am keen to understand how do you manage stress in your life? I’d love to learn your most successful stress-busters in the comments below


How to check if an iPhone is stolen

check-activation-lock-statusSUMMARY: A new Apple tool allows users to check whether a iPhone has Find My iPhone turned on by typing in the device’s unique identifier into a web form on

Buying a used smartphone is often a crapshoot because you don’t know its history. A new tool introduced by Apple on Thursday will make buying iPhones easier by allowing users to check on the web whether a device has Apple’s remote lock feature turned on. You can find the tool here.

Using the Activation Lock lock status tool is straightforward. It’s on, and asks for a device’s IMEI unique identifier. If the device in question has Apple’s Activation Lock feature on, it will provide a message confirming that Find My iPhone is activated as well as instructions for wiping the device for sale. It is standard operating procedure for trade-in companies to confirm that Activation Lock is off before purchasing used iPhones.


Apple’s new tool does not check whether the device is carrier locked or whether it has been reported stolen to a police department.

Apple introduced Activation Lock with iOS 7. It allows users to remotely lock down their device, which essentially means that a user can flip a switch on the web, and render their iPhone unusable until they sign onto the device with their Apple ID, which a thief wouldn’t be able to do. If the thief doesn’t have the password associated with the phone’s Apple ID, then he or she will be unable to turn off Find My iPhone, erase, or reactivate the device.

I recently had a iPhone stolen, and although Activation Lock was unable to return the device back to me, I took some solace in the fact that it was bricked for whoever nabbed it. Apple’s new tool will ensure that the thief has a harder time unloading that stolen phone, and you should check it every time before buying a secondhand iPhone.


Manage What Happens to Your Online Accounts After You Die


Consider the size of your online presence—your Facebook account, which details your daily life and personal history; your email account, which contains a wealth of your personal and business communications; photos, music and documents you have stored in the cloud; online banking accounts and records; frequent flier miles and more.

What happens to all this stuff when you die?

Will heirs be able to access your accounts to manage your affairs or do you want to prevent them from snooping around in virtual territory you want kept private? Will your accounts simply evaporate over time or will your Facebook page still be up long after you’re gone?

While some people don’t care, others find the idea of their digital assets outliving them disconcerting. Creating a digital will helps you determine which accounts survive and which you take to your grave.

How to Create a Digital Will


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