Trip to Udupi, Kundapura, Murudeswara, Yana, Mirjana Fort-Karnataka

This was my first unplanned trip with my colleagues that was a sudden decision after the initial plan for a planned trip was cancelled. Here is how it went.


We are in the office. I was sad for the cancellation of the planned trip due to the only few people joining the trip and cost per head being high. The guy who cancelled at the last moment, Mr. Kevin was sitting in front of me. It was supposed to cover Yana, Gokarna, Karwar, Murudeswara. Then my colleague, Manjunatha S asked me if I wanted to go to some other places instead. I agreed at a moment without thinking of the place we were going to visit. Finally with input from my manager, Mr. Ali Sadhik Sheikh we planned to go to Udupi, a small town near to coastal Karnataka, famous for the Krishna temple.

Image result for udupi krishna temple

There was one more colleague of mine who came packed just like me to the office, Mr. Jogendra Majhi who also joined us. Finally we booked the bus to Udupi from Majestic Bus Station. Me and Jogendra boarded the bus from Majestic at 10:30 PM and Manju boarded the bus at Yeshwantpur bus depot and finally felt like we are on trip….

Had late night talks on random topics, not at all work related, mostly on travelling and relationships.


We reached Udupi at around 7 in the morning. The weather was cold and foggy. Felt so good. Had morning tea/coffee. And we moved towards the famous Krishna Temple. Freshened up and went to visit the temple. It was covering a large area with so many sections inside the temple. Manju started telling the history of the temple. Bought prasadam and we came out of the temple.

We were hungry, it felt sweet though; That’s the hunger out of travelling.

Went to a vegeterian hotel inside the temple premises. Had Dosa, Idli, Vada, Puri etc. We had so much. Divine food…

From Udupi we went to a nearby beach called Malpe, known for 2 things:

  1. The smell of dried fish(which I like by the way being a Bengali)
  2. St. Mary’s Island(which is a boat trip from the beach Rs. 300 /- per head)

Being at a beach always refreshes the mind. Few water sport were there

Image result for malpe beach water sportsImage result for malpe beach water sports


Next we took the boat ride to St. Mary’s Island. Took around half an hour. Here are some pics.

We stayed there for around 2 hours. Returned to Malpe beach and came back to Udupi. It was 5 o’clock. We took a room and stayed for the night. Planned to go to Agumbe the next day early morning.


We woke up late. It was already 11 and late for going to Agumbe. We got ready and rushed to the bus depot. Nothing planned. Thought to go to Gokarna which would take 4-5 hours from Udupi and we would reach in the evening by the next bus, hence not a good option. Then we looked for other options and it was Kundapura. We took the bus and in 1 and a half hour we reached there. From there we had options for 2 beaches: Kodi Beach and Maravanthe Beach. Took bus and went to Maravanthe Beach. Some snaps below.

Next destination Murudeswara, famous for the majestic Shiva temple. Took bus from Maravanthe. Reached Murudeswara at 8 PM. Took a room, had dinner, went for a walk. Met 2 guys who suggested to visit a fort called Mirjana Fort on the way to Gokarna.


Woke up, freshened up and went to visit the temple. Few snaps below.

Next destination Gokarna. So we reached to Kumta. From there we had options to go to Yana. As we had ample time, thought to cover Yana and Mirjana fort was on the way to Gokarna. So took the bus to Yana. Reached in 1.5 hour. The road was through the hill. Loved it.

The bus reached Yana. From there it was a 1 KM trek to visit the grand Asteroid rock formation and the Parvathi temple. Few snaps from there:

Time to leave from Yana. Talked to a local guy to leave us to Mirjana Fort in his Maruti Omni. Some snaps of car wash 🙂 and the departure.

We reached Mirjana Fort. Few snaps from there.

Next destination Gokarna. Took bus from Mirjana Fort. Took 1 hour to reach Gokarna. Visited the shiva temple, took blessings and went to the beach.

Took bus to Bangalore at 8 and reached at 6:30 in the morning.

Now when I look back to all the memories I feel like unplanned trips are better because u dont know where you are heading next and you may come across the unexpected.

Time to get back to work…

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