Can Big Data analytics result into big election victory?

It’s time for the world’s largest democracy to cast their vote. Yes, its time for one of the major election in India. Though we have a large number of youth and working people but do our politicians really know which part of the citizens really and sincerely vote. Are they able to effectively communicate with them in their way? Question arises, how can they?

There are wide varieties of communicating the message the right way to the public. The key is reaching out to them in their way. Large number of urban population is engaged in Social Media today and can be easily reached there. Television is also playing a major role in influencing people’s minds.

Major percentage of youth is connected with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. as a result these can be used by political parties to deliver important messages to the people. Television is also one brilliant option. Majority of women watches television in India, usually TV soaps. Therefore advertisements played during the telecast of TV serials can leave a strong impact on them.

Data analysis can tell political parties how these people can be motivated to vote, if communicated in their way, by the way of SMSs, Social Networking Sites, Newspaper advertisements, TV ads etc.

If all the political parties find the interest pattern of their voters and reach out to them in their way, a lot of people can be encouraged to vote.


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