Top 10 Threats to Data Security and Privacy for Business

1. Data Breach Resulting From Poor Networking Choices- These are enterprise-level networking choices that are usually found in IT department. Some may skip the use of routers at all, plugging straight to the Internet.2. Data Breach Resulting From Improper Shredding Practices- Dumpster diving identifies thieves aim at businesses that throw out paperwork without destroying it. A commercial shredder is a sensible investment if private information is printed and shredded daily.

3. Identity Theft Resulting From Public Databases- Business owners, often publish lots of personal details in public databases. Businesses are registered with the county clerk, telephone numbers are registered in the phone book, many provide Facebook profiles with their address and date of birth. Any thief can use information searchable publicly to raise a complete identity.

4. Identity Theft Resulting from Using a Personal Name Instead of Filing a DBA- Sole-proprietors that do not take the time to file a Doing Business. Such applications are at a far higher risk of identity theft due to their personal name, rather than their business names, being published publicly.

5. Tax Records Theft Around Tax Time- Businesses must make sure that the tax returns are dropped off at the post office and refunds are collected from the mailbox. Thieves often steal tax returns from an outbox or mailbox.

6. Bank Fraud Due To Gap in Protection or Monitoring- Business owners know that it is very important to balance their accounts every month to ensure that checks are not being written out of business funds. Monitoring services can alert business owners when any false credit accounts are opened.
7. Poor E-mailing Standards- Many businesses treat e-mails as confidential communications, but these e-mails are received by number receivers apart from the recipients. It is more appropriate to treat e-mails as postcards.

8. Failing to Choose a Secure Password- Security experts are recommending the use of a pass-phrase, rather than a password. Pass phrases is a sentence containing about three words which is more secure than passwords. A pass phrase like “Friday blue moon” can be typed far quicker than a difficult password.

9. Not Securing New Computers or Hard Drives- Businesses that had their IT system professionally installed may opt to upgrade a computer by themselves. Computers must be efficiently secured or else they pose a serious threat and an entry point for cybercriminals.

10. Social Engineering- If someone you do not know calls on the phone, be sure that it is the person you think it is before enlightening passwords or confidential information.



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