Relationship Management Helps You Succeed In IT

Efficient relationship management skills can help you survive the work ecosystem with ease, especially in the IT sector. According to a poll, relationship management turned out to be the most important skill to succeed in the IT sector. Sunder Rajan, SVP & head- HR, Infinite Computer Solutions believes that relationship management has become particularly significant across all interactions in the rapidly-evolving IT industry. “Personal relationships have always gone a long way in ensuring there is no breakdown in communications and we believe that for a progressive work environment, the ability to maintain healthy relationships is critically important,” he stated.

He believes that relationship management helps create transparency, builds loyalty and encourages open communication. An individual with such added skills becomes a great asset both in external and internal facing roles.

Manoj E G, India – head, Human Resources, Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd. (The Attachmate Group) believes that relationship management is essential to succeed in all sectors and not just IT. He opined that maintaining a good relationship with your bosses provides you access to quality information that others might not have. This might give you a boost on your route to success.

Apart from internal relationship management, client/customer relationship management is also another aspect of relationship management. Lakshmi Rajangam, who works as a project manager at Wipro Technologies, believes that creating and sustaining long-term relationship with the customer/client is very essential in the IT sector. Since, 90 per cent of the business is repeat- business from known customers, good relationship management skills can help you bring business to the company, which would directly translate into your success.

She also believes that within the team, there should be gelling between employees, irrespective of their designations. It is important to build on relationships and manage them within the periphery of our work environment. “We as employees need to be able to bridge the gap between higher management and subordinates – to enable productivity and enhanced knowledge sharing, which is very important to survive in the industry and contribute to business growth.”

Personality attributes that can help you build relationships at workplaces

According to Manoj, focusing on the following attributes can help you maintain effective relationship at work:

• Being careful with your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Your sense of humour should not hurt anybody’s sentiments.

• Genuine and caring attitude.

• Sensitivity about the problems and issues of your colleagues.

• Being open-minded enough to share credit with your colleagues who have helped you with your work.

In case you’re a fresher, it’s advisable to undergo some personality assessment test to understand your traits and work out the best possible strategies to build your relationships. Introverts are generally misconstrued as arrogant people and they have a hard time building relationships. Manoj stated that in such cases he/she has to get out of their shells and make an effort to understand the workplace requirements and overcome their inhibitions.



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