Productivity Hacks: How I Became My Best Personal Assistant [By Suze Orman-Television host, author, motivational speaker, producer]

Keeping it simple makes me — and my business — hum.

For starters, you will never, ever catch me multitasking. I think people who boast about their ability to simultaneously juggle multiple projects or chores are fooling themselves if they think they are operating at peak productivity. I measure productivity not simply by the clock, but the quality of the work. Multitasking is the ruination of quality.

I know plenty of multitaskers who would be quick to tell me they are rocking it. But all they are really doing is getting by, delivering just 70 percent or 80 percent of their energy and expertise to any given project that does not have their full attention. Getting by is not part of my brand. Whatever I have taken on, I give 100 percent. That’s my quality control.

My smartphone is not on the set when I am taping THE SUZE ORMAN SHOW. Sure, there is down time when I could check email or make a business call. But that pulls my focus away from what I have committed to for that date and time: bringing all my energy to produce the best show for my audience. If I am working on my column for O Magazine, or other writing assignments, the email is off, the phone is on silent.

And no, it’s not because I have the luxury of scheduling my days to avoid the need to multitask. You better believe that my calendar on many days looks as busy as yours. I may have four or six or a dozen things I need to take care of. On those crazed days, I fulfill multiple tasks, but I tackle them one at a time so each one — and each person on the other end of that task — gets 100 percent of my attention and energy.



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