Kapil Sibal calls for global pact on cyber security

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal today warned that till the time the global community join hands for a secured cyber space, it will remain prone to attacks which can bring down interconnectivity.”We need a global pact on issue of security. That’s fundamental to this interconnected world being a successful story in this 21st century,” he said.

He said communication technology can revolutionize the way people live in this world. It can connect people across globe, share information, research and facilitate medical treatment.

“But there are people who can destroy this accord. We are interconnected, our economic system because of WTO were interconnected. Why are we not global citizen because otherwise we are otherwise we are not interconnected. The 21st century will help us interconnect with each other but there is one problem that we need to confront. That’s the problem of security,” he said.

He was speaking at a seminar here on the subject ‘one world one people’.

He said the danger in inter-connected world during 21st century is that it is difficult to know who is going to attack and from where.

“When armies attack, nations attack it cannot be by single person. But the whole interconnected world can be attacked by one person,” he noted.

Sibal said that as global citizens there is need to work for a global compact that inter-connected systems need to be kept secure.

He said that while forming the global pact, people need to ensure that it does not meet the same fate as talks on climate change.

“I believe in individual privacy. But we do need a global accord on cyber security,” he said.


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