Facebook annual report reveals major shift to mobile

Facebook annual report has revealed that it is successfully making the shift to mobile with almost 50% of users accessing the social networking site on their mobiles worldwide.
Facebook has seen a fast mobile growth, which has brought it to a total of 874 million monthly mobile users and 507 million daily mobile users as of September 2013, out of a total 1.19 billion month user across all devices, TechCrunch reports.
Facebook annual report revealed the international user counts by country which are:
Germany – 19 million daily active users (DAU), 25 million monthly active users (MAU), 13 million mobile DAU, 18 million mobile MAU
France – 18 million DAU, 26 million MAU, 11 million mobile DAU, 17 million mobile MAU
Spain – 12 million DAU, 18 million MAU, 8.1 million mobile DAU, 13 million mobile MAU
Italy – 17 million DAU, 23 million MAU, 10 million mobile DAU, 16 million mobile MAU
Sweden – 3.8 million DAU, 4.9 million MAU, 3 million mobile DAU, 4 million mobile MAU
Turkey – 19 million DAU, 33 million MAU, 9.5 million mobile DAU, 20 million mobile MAU
Israel – 2.7 million DAU, 3.8 million MAU, 2 million mobile DAU, 2.9 million mobile MAU.

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