IT employers opt for technical knowledge of freshers over soft skills

Interviews are generally designed to assess two key aspects of any candidate- one is the domain knowledge and other being soft skills. In case of IT professionals, the focus is on technical skills. According to data, interview questions asked to a large chuck of candidates applying for entry level tech jobs are around technology implementation and code resolution. They are seldom asked for any questions that focus on soft skills.
According to Avinash Sukender, director, AgilePoint Software India Pvt Ltd, when freshers join, they work on very fundamental and basic areas, where technology skills matters more than soft skills. Although, as they grow along their career growth path, soft skills start playing a more important role.
“We want students who are very good at technology, who understand the basics and can come out with solutions for the problems,” stated Manoj E G, head, Human Resources at Novel. He is of the opinion that these are the fundamental skills that are required for them to be successful. Their technical knowledge is the raw material they process and it’s absolutely imperative for the raw material to be good in order for them to succeed.

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