IT sector bets big on SCAM in 2014

The $110-billion technology services sector looking for new growth engines will be shouting SCAM in 2014. A trend that started a few years back, albeit in silos, social networking, cloud services, analytics and mobile computing, or SCAM, is now converging and will collectively account for 89% of new technology spending growth in 2014, says research firm IDC.

Industry experts from IT services players such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro as well as analysts see SCAM as not just another opportunity but one that fundamentally changes how computing is done. “From the mainframe era, we came to mini-computing, client-server and web. While aspects of SCAM have been around, there’s an overall shift in how users access information, work and entertain themselves. They’re now using mobile devices and companies want solutions that cut across the SCAM areas. In 2014 this will be a big focus area,” says a business head of a top-five services companies who wished not to be named because his firm is in a silent period prior to the third quarter results.

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