Having the right mindset to apply technology in a team’s context is what the company actually needs

Rajnish Kumar, CTO / Co-Founder, ixigo.com

What are the essentials when it comes to tech talent strategy?

An effective tech talent strategy understands the company’s current skills and capabilities, and can also successfully asses the company’s future need. It must recognise the unique value a company proposes to deliver and the effect it wants to have. Why are people leaving? Which categories of people are leaving the most? What can be done to retain them? What do employees feel about working there? These are some of things that need to be considered. This has to be followed by future needs analysis – where should investment flow; to business innovation or efficiency in IT delivery.

Brief about the specific IT/Tech skills required for mid-senior level roles

There is a common misconception that proficiency in a particular programming language is the key skill to look for. In reality, the more important skills to look for are critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Languages can be learnt, but having the right mindset to apply technology in a team’s context is what the company actually needs. Having said that, there are some skills which are hard to develop, and are imperative for the success of any organisation aspiring to build products for the web and mobile. iOS is one of them, as it requires some unique skillsets which are not shared across other development platforms – something which can’t be ignored, given the market share of iOS devices.


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