New smart watch lets parents track their child’s location

A new GPS-enabled smart watch that allows parents to track their kids’ location and send them texts has been developed in the US.The FiLIP watch, designed for children aged 4 to 11, is hooked up to an app on a parent’s phone.

Using the FiLIP app, parents and other pre-authorised adults can track the child’s location, make calls, send texts and set “SafeZones,” which are virtual radii around a specific destination, ‘Mashable‘ reported.

Parents select SafeZones based on the location where their child usually spends the most time, such as school. FiLIP sends a notification to parents whenever their child leaves or arrives at a SafeZone.

Parents can programme up to five numbers into the gadget, which kids can call with the touchof a button.

In case of emergency, the child can hold down a red button, prompting the watch to call the first person in its contact list.

If no one answers, the watch calls the other four assigned contacts.


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