How to type in Special Characters that is not present in Keyboard

The conventional ways of typing special characters is quite cumbersome. But there is an easy way out.

The special characters that are not present in any conventional keyboard are usually included in the extended ASCII value set i.e. exceeding ASCII value 127 and there is a way to type in those characters that is in terms of using their ASCII equivalent.


  1. Activate NumLk button.
  2. Hold ALT, type the ASCII equivalent of the character from the numeric keypad and release ALT.
  3. The character gets printed.

E.g. to type in ß (i.e. Beta sign) that has ASCII value 225 use ALT+225.

This even works for characters present in the keyboard e.g. for ‘A‘ use ALT+65 as the ASCII value of ‘A‘ is 65.

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