4 ways to better use your smartphone camera

ImageHow often do you use your smartphone camera? With every new model that comes out, it seems camera quality is often a huge selling point. But do you take advantage of those advancements? There are a lot of neat uses for that camera you carry around everywhere regardless of whether it’s the latest and greatest or three years old.

Personally, I use my smartphone camera maybe once or twice a year. It’s pretty sad and a waste of potential, so I’ve been interested in figuring out how to make better use of it. If you’re in the same boat as me, you may be surprised to find out that your smartphone camera is great for more than just family photos and Instagram filters.

Makeshift scanner

Based on what I’ve seen, scanners have started disappearinghomes. The only scanners I’ve seen are the printer-fax-scanner all-in-one machines for home offices which are bulky and eat up space. What if you don’t have a scanner and want to scan a document? Nowadays, your phone camera is good enough to do that for free.

With apps like CamScanner (Android, our review), Document Scanner (Android), and Genius Scan (iPhone), you can take photos of various documents and images and instantly transform them into PDFs that are ready for office consumption. In most cases, the final document quality is on par or better than home office scanners.

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