15-yr-old Odisha boy develops ‘emergency‘ app

What do fifteen-year-olds do in their spare time? Play video games and surf the net? Pratik Mohapatra is slightly different. This Class X Odisha boy in Bangalore has developed an app that people can use to send distress calls in an emergency.
The app, ‘Emergency Hub‘, is available on Windows and Android phones and has been widely accepted by users.
Emergency Hub has the telephone numbers of various emergency services and can connect you to them at a touch whenever you’re in distress.
So what made Pratik think of developing such an app?
“After the Delhi gang rape case created an uproar across the country, I thought to myself that if the girl had such an app on her phone, perhaps she could have sent a distress call swiftly and someone might have helped her,” Pratik told TOI over the phone.
After developing Emergency Hub, Pratik posted it on the Windows Phone Developer Centre and Android Developer Console. They approved it and now, the app has been used by nearly 500 users in the past two months.
“The app has five emergency numberspolice SOS, child abuse helpline, women’s helpline, fire services and ambulance. You don’t have to remember or search for these emergency numbers when in need. Using my app, you can call any of them at a touch because during an emergency, every minute is crucial,” Pratik said.
The application also has a feature that will update your status on networking sites you are logged into at one attempt. “The message is predefined so there is no time wasted in typing the message, ‘Please help me, I am in an emergency!‘” he added.
Another feature for users of Windows Phone is that if they have downloaded the app, their phones will show them the exact location they are in without using the Internet. So, if in an emergency situation you don’t know you are, simply click on Emergency Hub.

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