CDAC, Icann to set up cyberattack combat centre

The Center for Development and Advanced Computing (CDAC) has joined hands with the US-based agency, International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), to set up a research facility that will help tackle cyber attacks and online security threats.
The institution has been named, Center for Excellence in DNS Security. Officials from the CDAC, an agency of the union ministry of communications and IT, and the Icann signed an expression of intent regarding the same on Thursday.
Icann allocates web addresses and assigns unique protocol numbers on the internet. A non-profit body, it functions under a contract with the US government, where the US department of commerce vets changes and additions to top level domain names (for example, country codes like .in or .pk).
“We are always in doubt when accessing the internet whether whatever is being shared is visible to someone else. We need to dispel this fear, which is associated to the internet,” said J Satyanarayan, secretary, department of telecommunications.

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