Google smartwatch‘s features, ‘launch date‘ leaked

Even as Samsung failed to set the wearable computing market on fire with its Galaxy Gear, Google is gearing up to launch its own smartwatch soon.
According to a report by tech website 9to5Google, the internet giant’s smartwatch may see the light of the day soon. It did not give a specific launch date, but said the device is coming “sooner rather than later.” Another report that came out earlier had speculated Google may unveil the smartwatch on October 31, along with Nexus 5 smartphone and Android 4.4 (KitKat) operating system.
The 9to5Google report stated the Google smartwatch would be heavily drawing functionality inputs from Google Now, Google Glass and Android 4.4 KitKat. The smartwatch would be able to accept voice commands and perform functions like checking emails and text messages, setting alarms and give frequent reminders for various tasks.
The site has claimed quoting a source that the product is nearing completion and Google is busy giving it the final touch. Google is also reportedly focusing on a longer battery life and other connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0.

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