TCS ex-CEO Ramadorai: Time to hire ethical hackers

S Ramadorai, vice-chairman of TCS and chairman of the National Skill Development Agency, says the private sector must play a crucial role in enhancing cybersecurity capabilities. The IT veteran calls for hiring and training young, talented people to handle cyberattack units. Edited excerpts from an interview with ET:

 On the importance of companies like RIL sharing their learning from building cybersecurity capabilities with the government
Private companies have a lot to share in terms of experience and in capacity building of relevant skills. The private sector has indigenized various security-related technologies and supported in building the security infrastructure of the country.
Many private companies have considerable experience in cybersecurity. The offshoring model has matured significantly with several top-of-the-line security controls and processes.
On enhancing cybersecurity in the face of attacks from various corners, especially from China and even from the US.
The country does require a skilled cybersecurity labour force. Most countries, notably China, have started grassroots campaigns to identify technically gifted youngsters and recruit them for defending the nation.

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