Google installs monorail in its offices

Do you ever joke around with your coworkers about how cool it would be to build desks out of old cars or have meetings on a houseboat? Maybe not, but if you work at Google, you might want to start — because they might actually make your weird office dreams a reality.
That’s exactly what Google did this week in Australia. Thanks to one smart-alecky engineer’s weird and totally not serious request, the search giant just installed two retired Sydney Monorail cars in its offices there. Just to be clear, these monorail cars do not zip around the offices like a trolley delivering snacks and shuttling nerds to meetings. They’re being set up as meeting rooms, complete with TVs and air conditioning.
The origin story is what makes the installation especially interesting, though. At the beginning of this year, Google employee Paul Cowan filed a ticket with the internal facilities team requesting that a monorail be installed to make it easier for employees to get to the different Google offices, which are spread out in the Pyrmont suburb of Sydney. A member of the facilities team actually replied and, in detail, pointed out why this was such a bad idea, at one point remarking that it was “more of a Shelbyville idea.”

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