How Blogging Can Help Your Career [Claire Diaz-Ortiz Twitter, Inc.]

I’m convinced that many professionals could inject greater success into their careers if they picked up just one particular new activity: Blogging.

Blogging has one of the most important components to my career since 2007, and I’m always on the lookout for stories of others who have used blogging to jumpstart lagging careers, find new professional passions, and ultimately use the written word (on computer screen) as a means to reach greater levels of success.

Recently I had the chance to read Ruth Soukup‘s new ebook, How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul). It’s a powerful book full of specific tips and ideas on how to build a successful blog. The book draws upon Ruth’s own experiences of replacing her family’s income with her blogging business. After reading it, I asked Ruth if she could provide a few thoughts on how blogging reshaped her career, and how it could help someone else do the same.

Note that although Ruth’s career ended up turning into blogging as her full-time profession, I believe that Ruth’s ideas are valuable for anyone with an interest in blogging in addition to their full-time gig.

Here’s what Ruth said…

I never really set out to be a blogger—I had never even really read blogs before I started my own—but within a month of blogging I knew it was something I wanted to do professionally. Coming from a business background, I knew very quickly it was something I would eventually be able to make money at. That said, I think the reason I have been successful at blogging for profit is that I have been able to combine the things I am truly passionate about, like living well on a budget, with the strong entrepreneurial and marketing sense that needs to accompany any successful business endeavor.

Here is the advice that I would give anyone who wants to use blogging to reshape their career:

  • Follow your passion. The best (and most popular) blogs are the ones with the best content, and good content follows passion. It is hard to write day in and day out about something you don’t care about, and if you don’t care, why should your readers?
  • Create awesome content. Content is what ultimately will drive traffic, and traffic is what drives revenue. If you don’t start with awesome, compelling content, your blog is doomed. For at least the first six months, 80% of your time should be spent creating incredible content. What does your unique perspective and expertise bring to a subject that only YOU can share? Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing; instead, make it your own and make it amazing.
  • Keep learning. Blogging has only been around for about fifteen years, and yet has changed immensely in that time, and will only continue to evolve. If you don’t keep up, your blog will die a slow death. On the flip side, all those changes mean that it’s not too late to join the party. Don’t let the fact that there are already so many blogs out there deter you; instead, keep reading and learning everything you can (my book is a great place to start!) and before you know it, you’ll be writing your own book on blogging.

Now, to you. Do you think blogging could help you in your career? Is it a strategy you’ve tried before to generate leads, build more contacts, or distribute or solicit business advice?

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