Don’t Start a Job Search Without Answering This One Question[Hunter Walk]

I love when people quit their jobs. Ok, that’s probably a bit strong. Let me clarify. I love when people leave a job because they’ve made an impact and want new challenges; or feel they could be accomplishing a greater number their goals somewhere else. But when these folks approach me for advice as to what to do next, there’s one question most haven’t asked themselves. And it’s a critical question. I don’t know how you decide without answering it first.The question is, What Are You Optimizing For?

Now let me caveat that this question is most important when you’re deciding between several good opportunities. In a tough economy there are many who feel lucky to hold on to the job they have, and those making a transition might now have the luxury to hold out for the “perfect gig” or even be able to find a new one easily.

The most successful folks are rarely trying to decide between a good option and a bad option when it comes to employment. This is especially true in today’s technology sector where it’s not uncommon for skilled engineers to have almost daily inbound interest from recruiters, founders and former colleagues. Choosing between a good option and a bad one is easy – don’t do the bad one. However when you’ve got multiple intriguing roles available to you it’s not a question of good vs bad or right vs wrong. It’s a question of which one is best for you in this next phase of your career. And to do that you need to decide what to optimize for.

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