How to type like an expert using keyboard

A German scientist has developed a software which assists users in identifying and learning keyboard shortcuts so they can become as fast as expert users.
If somebody wants to shift text elements within a Word document from one position to another, he usually uses the mouse. This procedure is rather cumbersome for the user, since he first needs to click and highlight the text element before he can put it at the appropriate place.
The user could avoid such complications by using a few shortcut keys, so-called hotkeys, instead. However, users frequently do not know enough keyboard shortcuts to work with them efficiently, or are not aware of the available combinations.
Gilles Bailly, researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the Cluster of Excellence at Saarland University in Germany wants to increase the use of hotkeys among less-experienced users and help them maximise expert performance by using consistent shortcuts.

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