How to create customized version of Android

Traditionally, if you want to really customize your Android experience, you have to root your phone and flash a new ROM — essentially a whole new version of Android — that has the features you want.If you don’t want to go that far, or you only want to tweak specific parts of Android, you have another option: It’s called the Xposed Framework, and you can use it to customize your phone from top to bottom, all without flashing a new ROM.

Getting started: What the Xposed Framework is, and what you’ll need The Xposed Framework is a series of modules that allow you to control different aspects of your Android phone, all the way down to the system level. Instead of just installing apps to get features you want, or flashing a ROM, Xposed’s modules give you the power to customize your phone — and the apps you have installed-in a bunch of small ways. You can make ROM-style changes (like changing the font size and style, customizing the lock screen or launcher, modifying system text, and so on) without actually having to install a whole new ROM to get them.

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