Don’t Work For Your Boss, Work For Your Company[Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me]

It’s no secret that businesses today are a bit obsessed with hierarchy. You probably go to work every day and report to someone, who in turn reports to another person…and so it goes up the hierarchical ladder.

This traditional structure has established the idea that we’re all just “doing time,” attempting to please our bosses until it’s our turn at the top.
But this standard view of work is creating a huge disconnect between companies and their employees. In a hierarchal structure, you can wind up losing sight of your company’s goals and visions. You may end up feeling like a worker bee with little autonomy, and your passion for what you do, as well as the work you turn out, can suffer as a result. This is a lose-lose situation for both you and your company.

At my companies Ciplex and Open Me, we’ve thrown out hierarchical workplace structure to ensure our employees aren’t getting stuck working under their managers. Instead, we’ve developed a flat team philosophy that allows everyone to focus on achieving organizational goals autonomously. This translates to a slew of happier, passionate, engaged, hardworking employees that are dedicated to the overall success.

Are you ready to stop working for your boss to do a favor for both yourself and your company in the long run?

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