Gadgets add stress, rob your sleep

Only recently, Germany’s employment ministry banned its managers from calling or emailing staff out of hours except in emergencies, to prevent employees from burning out.But in India, there’s no escaping the ‘beep’ from the boss at unearthly hours, giving executives here more than heartburn. Dheeraj Gosain (34), who handles business development for an HR consultancy firm, is a proud owner of an iPhone, iPad, iPod and an Android phone.But he now wants to be rid of these – and get his peace and freedom back. “Staying updated is a pain,” he says. He could be having a candle light dinner with his spouse, when an urgent email from his boss pops up. Or he could be with his family on a holiday and a client demands an immediate solution over email. “There is always fear hanging on your head,” he says.

It is like advancing a bomb blast. The worst thing is, you can’t do anything but respond, taking your mind off your leisure time and spoiling it. These gadgets have sabotaged and hijacked our personal lives

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