How To Change Apache Server PORT No. For Wamp Server?

Sometimes if two different applications run with the same PORT no. it causes the application later opened not to run.
Hence it’s required sometimes to change the port no for one of the running applications.


It has been noticed that if a computer has both 1. WAMP Server and 2. SKYPE installed they both run by default with PORT no.: 80. Hence it’s required to change the PORT no. of any of the two and you can change the PORT no. for Apache Server(in WAMP) very easily.


To do that you have to change the attribute Listen to <New PORT no.> from 80, in the configuration file: “C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\conf\httpd.conf“.

N.B.: The Apache version may vary but the path will be in the same format.


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