An app to remember your dreams

An app that helps people record, remember and analyse their dreams has been developed. Called Shadow, it looks like an alarm clock but works differently.The project is seeking funding on Kickstarterwebsite.

It wakes up users over a five- to 30-minute period of escalating sounds. The slow, gradual call is intended to preserve a state in which people can more easily recall their dreams. As soon as the user turns off the alarm, a microphone setting turns on, and users can recount their dreams, which the app will transcribe into text.

Users can type, speak or answer questions to record their dreams. “If you’re really struggling to remember what you dreamed, you can opt to answer a series of 5-10 questions designed to jog your memory. The whole process takes less than five minutes,” its makers said on Kickstarter.Shadow visualises the users’ sleep and dream patterns, and identifies common themes. Using dream content of other users, it turns these symbols and experiences into insights.



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