How To Limit Internet Bandwidth in Android

There is a way to limit the Mobile Data usage in any android system and that can be easily accessed from the settings.

But there is no internal system to limit Internet usage Bandwidth in Android and even there is no Android App that can perform this.

Here is a perfect explanation why it is not possible, in



11 thoughts on “How To Limit Internet Bandwidth in Android

    • Fails there is a way to Do it. Not for Android. Apple case come up with a way. There has to be app for android. Some one can mimic this would be awsome.

  1. I am not totally a newbie – been doing things for awhile and as the article points out bandwidth is how fast the carrier sends data to your phone – not how fast received. I use my phone as a tether for my laptop. I could install NetLimiter and say I only wanted a 56k connection. So PDAnet sends the request via USB to the phone and then the carrier sends it back to me at 1GB speed. Windows would only receive 56k and then a request back out for missing packets. With this in mind – even those apps which limit speed on an Android phone that is rooted would also waste packets. You would just have a slow phone with no increase in saving bandwidth. I think the best way would ask your carrier through customer service to throttle you at 300k or so.

  2. After I wrote this I was thinking about NetLimiter. You can tweak each application individually so that in the case of a browser you could limit its upload request for packets to 1k which in turn would limit the amount of requests to be sent at full speed. I suppose that is what is being done in terms of the Android/Apple apps

  3. Been reading since I last wrote and this is my final answer where posted after moderation or not. A cell phone is basically a radio device not a modem. It is designed to receive radio waves over a network not “talk” back and forth as modems do. A 28k modem would contact a 56k modem and a handshake occurs. Both modems agree that the connection is to be at the 28k speed. Thus there is no packet loss except through network errors. Nothing exists with a cell phone. It is simply a radio request for a transmission at a radio wavelength speed your carrier assigns based on the model of the phone you have. Your carrier knows the limitation of your radio and adjusts transmission accordingly for minimal packet loss. If you limit your radio to receive radiowaves at a speed lower than it can achieve optimally you just lose packets of information. It is possible to limit your upload speed but not download speed. But think how much data you send out when requesting that site send you Mary Poppins video to view. Very little. A 28k modem sends out data very slow – but very quickly when requesting only a website to look at. So there be.

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